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Past DSC Proceedings

All papers and posters that were published in the last three DSC editions are now available for download, either individually or all-in-one ("Full DSC Proceedings").


Proceedings DSC 2010


Title First Author Download
Preface and Index Organizing Committee pdf
Introduction Kemeny pdf
Visual control of driving and flying: Importance of optic flow rules, perceptual representation of 3-D space, and internal models of vehicle dynamics Loomis pdf
Simulating the Effect of Low Lying Sun and Worn Windscreens in a Driving Simulator Bolling pdf
Flexibility of the cognitive system to use various spatial coding: Implication for driving situation Dupierrix pdf
Drivers’ perception of simulated loss of adherence in bends Denoual pdf
Heading Towards Eye Limiting Resolution – Display Systems in Driving Simulation Huesmann pdf
Impact of Geometric Field Of View on Speed Perception Colombet pdf
Influence of Display Type on Drivers’ Performance in a motion-based Driving Simulator Grabe pdf
Transport Delay Characterization of SCANeR Driving Simulator Saidi pdf
Software assembly and open standards for driving simulation Filliard pdf
Performance identification and compensation of simulator motion cueing delays Fang pdf
Motion cueing for 3-, 6- and 8- degrees-of-freedom motion systems Fischer pdf
SHAKE  – an approach for realistic simulation of rough roads in a moving base driving simulator Bolling pdf
Motion Cueing Algorithm online parameter switching in a blink of an eye  – a time variant approach Lorenz pdf
Daimler's New Full-Scale, High-dynamic Driving Simulator - A Technical Overview Zeeb pdf
Familiarization with a forward collision warning on driving simulator: cost and benefice on driver, system interactions and acceptance Koustanai pdf
Eco - driving performance assessment with visual and haptic feedback assistance Azzi pdf
Driver performance assessment in driving simulators Kappe pdf
Driver trust and reliance on navigation systems: effect of graphical display Barthou pdf
Toward a standard: RoadXML, the road network database format Chaplier pdf
The Development of a Low Cost Driver Licensing Simulator Allen pdf
OpenDrive 2010 and beyond - Status and future of the de facto standard for the description of road networks Dupuis pdf
Truck simulator an instrument for research and training Fancello pdf
Design of a Modern Image Generation Engine for Driving Simulation Kuehne pdf
Approach to Improvement of Realistic Sensation on Universal Driving Simulator Yamaguchi pdf
SiVIC and Roads, a software suite for sensors simulation and virtual prototyping of adas Hiblot pdf
Full DSC 2010 Proceedings (11MB)   pdf


Proceedings DSC 2012


Title First Author Download
Preface and Index Organizing Committee pdf
Introduction Kemeny pdf
Constrained Linear Quadratic Optimal Controller for Motion Control of ATMOS Driving Simulator AlQaisi pdf
Exploring Travelers’ Behavior in Response to
Variable Message Signs Using a Driving Simulator
Ardeshiri pdf
Motion Analysis of a Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator for Urban Traffic Situations Betz pdf
Driving simulations for commercial vehicles- A
technical overview of a robot based approach
Kleer pdf
Effects of Motion Cueing on Curve Driving Damveld pdf
A Model-based Motion Cueing strategy for compact
driving simulation platforms
Beghi pdf
Effects of Yaw Motion on Driving Behaviour, Comfort
and Realism
Hogema pdf
Investigating Human Lane Keeping through a
Simulated Driver
Noth pdf
Perceptual Load in Central and Peripheral Regions
and Its Effects on Driving Performance With and
Without Collision Avoidance Warning System
Marciano pdf
Towards the development of a user interface to
model scenarios on driving simulators
Bhatti pdf
Autonomous Local Manoeuvre and Scenario
Orchestration Based on Automated Action Planning
in Driving Simulation
Xiong pdf
Simulated traffic and auditory information: The
impact on street crossing in young and old adults.
Rodrigues pdf
Principle other Vehicle Warning Jansson pdf
The Realization of a Megacity Environment in the Driving Simulation of BMW Group Research and Technology Strobl pdf
The Influence of the feedback control of the hexapod
platform of the SAAM dynamic driving simulator on
neuromuscular dynamics of the drivers
Aykent pdf
Effects of driving experience depending on simulated
driving task’s difficulty
Freydier pdf
Optimum Utilization of a Motion System by Offline
Motion Cueing and its Applications
Granzow pdf
Roll rate thresholds and perceived realism in driving
Nesti pdf
Effects of motion parallax in driving simulators Hultgren pdf
The multi-driver simulation as a new method for
researching driver behavior and traffic
Muehlbacher pdf
Virtual reality for real driving: a tool to fill the gap
between simulators and test tracks
Judalet pdf
Building a Driving Simulator as an Electric Vehicle
Hardware Development Tool
Kok pdf
Perception of longitudinal acceleration on dynamic
driving simulator
Stratulat pdf
The role of a driving simulator in driver training to
improve fuel economy
Scott pdf
Construction of Riding Simulator for Two-wheeled Vehicle Handling Watanabe pdf
Toward predicting the subjective assessment of ESC
in a driving simulator
Denoual pdf
Motion cueing algorithms for a real-time automobile
driving simulator
Fang #1 pdf
Electric vehicle’s stability study on low friction road
based on driving simulator
Fang #2 pdf
Validation of fuel consumption calculated by a
driving simulator
Rommerskirchen pdf
Driving Characteristics and Development of Anticipation of Experienced and Inexperienced Drivers When Learning a Route in a Driving Simulator Kalermo pdf
Multisensory interaction – A comparative study on
driving sound evaluation in moving base and fixed
base driving simulators
Skoda pdf
A Method to Evaluate Temporal Appearances of Simulator Sickness during Driving Simulation Experiments Nurkkala pdf
Enhanced game mode for Eco-driving simulator Beloufa pdf
Evaluation of methods for measuring speed
perception in a driving simulator
Fischer pdf
An optimisation of Classical motion cueing in the
University of Leeds Driving Simulator
Jamson pdf
Tongji University Advanced Driving Behavior and Traffic Safety Research Simulator (TUDS simulator) Lin pdf
Renewal of the Renault Ultimate Simulator Schill pdf
Performance optimization of a hexapod on a lateral
rail with force feed forward compensation
VanDerBorch pdf
How to build Europe’s largest eight-axes motion
Baumann pdf
Full DSC 2012 Proceedings (16MB)   pdf


Proceedings DSC 2014


Title First Author Download
Preface and Index Organizing Committee pdf
Introduction Colmard pdf
Are we there yet? An objective mechanism to support the assessment of driving simulator utility Boer pdf
Real vs virtual driving or how to improve the realism of a dynamic driving simulator Stratulat pdf
Presence studied in a driving simulator Deniaud pdf
Validating On-the-limit properties of a driving simulator Hjort pdf
Colour-Difference Assessment for Driving Headlight Simulation Vidal pdf
Variable Roll-Rate Perception in Driving Simulation Pretto pdf
Simulation sickness comparison between a limited field of view virtual reality head mounted display (Oculus) and a medium range field of view static ecological driving simulator (Eco2) Aykent pdf
How much visual attention does braking require? A study of the effect of memory of the scene on driver’s braking behavior Saffarian pdf
Roll tilt thresholds for 8 DOF driving simulators Fang #1 pdf
The influence of lateral tilt/translation, roll and yaw scale factors on driving performances on an advanced dynamic simulator Savona pdf
Coping with complex driving scenarios: Exploratory Scenario Design Schindler pdf
Effects of haptic versus visual modalities when combined with sound in forward collision warnings Aust pdf
Driver Distraction among Commercial Vehicle Operators: A Study Using a Driving Simulator to Enhance Control Tarr pdf
An Algorithm for False Cue Reduction and Prepositioning Salisbury pdf
The Effect of Motion Cueing on Simulator Comfort, Perceived Realism, and Driver Performance during Low Speed Turning Bertollini pdf
An MPC approach to the design of motion cueing algorithms for a high performance 9 DOFs driving simulator Bruschetta pdf
Review and prospects of Renault’s MPC based motion cueing algorithm for driving simulator Fang #2 pdf
Subjective Evaluation of Different Motion Cueing Algorithms Implemented on ATMOS Driving Simulator AlQaisi pdf
Real vs. simulated surrounding traffic – Does it matter? Muehlbacher pdf
A Networked Multi-Drivers Simulation Platform for Interactive Driving Behavior Study Xu pdf
Scalable and Detail-Preserving Ground Surface Reconstruction from Mobile Laser Systems for Driving Simulators Engines Craciun pdf
Steerable Video: Generating Video-Based Environments for Driving Simulation Brogan pdf
Development and Validation of a Safety Architecture of a Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator Betz pdf
Comfort analyses of the Hydractive suspension using a driving simulator Barale pdf
Design and Performance of the VTI Sim IV Jansson pdf
Modular and scalable driving simulator hardware and software for the development of future driver assistance and automation systems Fischer pdf
OpenDriving: An Open Source Driving Simulation Software Xiong pdf
SleepNoise - a simulator based study of the effects of noise on driver sleepiness Lahti pdf
Small-scale traffic demonstrator with driving simulator Goloborodko pdf
Combined motion of a hexapod with a XY-table system for lateral movements Pitz pdf
Effect of simulated rumble strips in static driving simulator – Pre-study Jeremy pdf
Robot based Driving and Operation Simulation with a spherical fixed Screen PenaVina pdf
Nissan’s New High Performance Driving Simulator for Vehicle Dynamics Performance & Man-Machine Interface Studies Yasuno pdf
HDR simulation of intelligent LED road studs Dang pdf
Full DSC 2014 Proceedings (16MB)   pdf




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